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Trash transfer station reopening today despite two-alarm Wednesday fire

SAINT ROBERT, Mo. (Dec. 30, 2010) — Despite a two-alarm blaze Wednesday night which resulted in most of the fire departments from Pulaski County responding to a trash transfer station fire, the facility manager, Doug Adkins, says he’ll be open for business today.

“He’s still got a functional office, so he should be pretty pleased,” said St. Robert Fire Chief Chuck Fraley.

“After I clean it a little bit,” Adkins replied.

The blaze filled the entire trash transfer station with smoke and the eastern portion had heavy fire involvement when firefighters arrived about 6:50 p.m. Wednesday night, but after knocking down the flames, they discovered the fire was mostly confined to a trash trailer truck that was scheduled to be transported from St. Robert to the Hartville landfill on Thursday morning. That’s the role of the St. Robert trash transfer station; large semi trucks run regularly between St. Robert and Hartville, depositing trash in that landfill which has been collected by both municipal and private trash haulers from all over Pulaski County.

Those trash trucks won’t have to find a different place to get rid of their trash, Adkins said.

“We’ll be open for business in the morning,” Adkins said. “We’ll be delayed a little bit because we’ll have to do the removal of the trailer that’s in the pit … I’ve got the rest of the city coming in the morning with heavy equipment to get it out of the way. Once we get it out, we’ll be able to get back to full operation.”

Trash transfer station employees will start earlier in the morning than their usual time, he said, to try to get the trash transfer station operating as soon as possible. The normal opening time is 7:30 a.m.; heavy equipment is expected to arrive at 7 a.m.

Adkins is one of the city’s longest-serving employees and said he was pleased to see how city workers and firefighters from six different departments — not only St. Robert but also Waynesville, Fort Leonard Wood, Tri-County in Richland, Crocker, and Lebanon — worked together with St. Robert utility crews and street department staff.

“I really appreciate the response that all my friends showed up,” Adkins said. “I can remember years ago when they didn’t have such a rapport between the different departments, but they all get along and work and help each other now, and it really makes everything tick and work so much better … when you have six fire departments working one job, I never seen it before.”

“St. Robert has a great bunch of guys and I’m proud to be one of them,” Adkins said.

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