The president's exploitation of our fear and pain

Dave Weinbaum

The president's exploitation of our fear and pain

Dave Weinbaum

“He betrayed us! He played on our fears!” Al Gore

Al screamed this in 2007. Little did he know the lie he told about President Bush would apply truthfully to the newly elected President, Barack Obama.

Obama parroted Gore’s fibs about Bush during the presidential campaign. Then he turned right around and used fear of financial “catastrophe” to scare Congress into passing unread pork-laden social reengineering legislation. His legacy could be the debt sentence of our progeny for the next 100 years while weakening our power and encouraging our enemies.

All hope for common sense has vanished.

You can take a Chicago politician out of the South Side, but you can’t take the South Side out of this president. Change is now mocked in places that used to support Barack. Our president is so uninterested or unable to create a well-thought-out plan that he’s delegated the chore to the complete package of incompetence, Nancy “I want a jet NOW” Pelosi.

Even the local self-named “Rednecks for Obama” are holding their bibles tighter and clinging to their second amendment rights.

Those who think Barack will buy homes and cars for them will have to do with the pittance of an extra $13 a week this year lowered to $8 next. After inflation from cap and trade, universal health care, higher gas taxes, higher corporate and capital gains taxes and billions sunk into unproven energy sources, that trifle of small change will be eaten up and then some.

One would assume that before redistributing an asset, one would want to maintain it first.

Amateur Hour at the White House

President Obama is not taking care of business.

With plenty of lead time and admittedly superb cooperation from the outgoing Bush Administration, he’s failed to come up with a working cabinet, especially where it’s needed.

Tax incompetent and new Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, appears to be a one-man show as he struggles to solve the nation’s financial problems by himself. Mr. President, get Timmy some help, stat!

Even mogul fans, inexplicable as that is, are begging Barack to put full attention on finance versus fantasy to avoid further fiasco.

Supporters Warren Buffet and Jack Welch have begged Obama to stop his silly forays while Rome is burning. They’re pleading with him to stop pouring gas on the flame.

If the president doesn’t believe the above pipsqueaks then he should listen to financial whiz Whoopi Goldberg. She’s outraged that much of the increases in taxes may affect her.

In his book, The Outliers, Malcom Gladwell concludes that if you put 10,000 hours of practice in a given field, you become a master. Running the amazingly confusing mechanisms of this country’s commerce would seem to beg for at least 100 hours of practice.

President Obama hasn’t had the experience to handle his job.

If he had to bargain with suppliers because he didn’t have the cash to pay them at the moment, foregone his own pay just to make sure his employees were paid, or had to put up with fraudulent lawsuits that raise everyone’s costs, he might feel different.

As it is, he doesn’t have a clue.

Every recession has its sliver lining

Even liberals know that you can’t redistribute invisible wealth. Lefties are coming out of their stunned silence uttering sudden disdain for the “One.”

Obama is better off being criticized by Rush. At least Limbaugh’s out front and rants for the benefit of the country. At last notice, Rush isn’t running for office.

When James Carville said he didn’t want President Bush to succeed on Sept. 11, 2001, just before the attacks on this country, he showed what a Cajun chicken he was by begging the press not to report it. His intention was to get control back by harming the country.

It’s not about power, Mr. President, it’s about doing the job the people elected you to do.

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