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Sheriff’s View #28 for July 11 to 15, 2011
Sheriff’s View #28 for July 11 to 15, 2011

Sheriff J.B. King

Welcome aboard one more time as I attempt to give you the latest news and events of concern to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. We are still here and still trying to do a good job but that seems to be getting harder to do every day. The short road staff we currently have is the biggest problem right now followed by a lack of training officers to train the new people. Throw in a hand full of vehicle breakdowns, and we are having a great year.

Where do I start for the column today? Our case number, calls for service, count stands at 6,042 as of 2:20 p.m. on July 9. We had 72 inmates on the jail roster this morning. We conducted a four-hour training session this morning for deputies at the courthouse. There were roughly eight deputies who made it there for the training. We had already done the same class last Thursday and we had about 15 people in that class. We will do the same class again on Monday of this next week.

Things in the jail are not going so well today. It seems the air conditoner unit that covers the jail has failed once again and we cannot get the parts needed until Monday of this next week. It is hot in the jail, not extreme heat, just uncomfortable. We have borrowed a large fan from the Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District to move large amounts of cooled air back into the cell area from our central office foyer where the A/C works just fine. I stood by the door to the cell block today and listened to the inmates laughing and shouting so I think they are doing OK. In any event we will get the A/C back on as soon as we can make the repairs.

In last week’s column I mentioned that all of our federal grants are currently due for the second quarter report for 2011. Despite a number of interruptions I managed to get all five reports done this week. Most of them just needed an update. We have two grants were all of the equipment listed has been delivered and is in service or will be shortly. For all intents and purposes, both of these grants are done, but I will still get to do the quarter reports for some time to come.

The big news of the week for me is the fact that back on June 23, I appeared in front of the Pulaski County Commission to give a public report on the status of a new equipment grant that I was going after. The report included a complete listing of the equipment I intended to purchase with the grant. One of those items was a heat alarm and door popper for the department K-9 vehicle. In the event that the A/C system was to fail in the car while the dog is unattended the heat alarm would activate, sounding a warning with the car horn, and "popping" open the car door for the dog to escape the heat. It is a safety device for the dog that we have long needed and the grant was a way to fill that need.

Well not anymore.

On Tuesday or Wednesday of this week (cannot remember which one because I was in shock) I opened a letter sent to me and found a short note from a concerned citizen who said the dog did not need to wait for a grant for the safety equipment because it was needed now in the heat. The citizen sent a check for the full amount of the equipment -- $869 -- and told us to take care of our furry companion.

The citizen also asked to remain an anonymous donor. We shall comply with the wish of the citizen. I have already sent the citizen a thank-you note and I thought I might as well make the thank you a public event and share the good news in today’s column. We will place the equipment order and get the alarm installed as soon as we can.

Thank you once again, concerned citizen.

In other news, I was wrong last week when I said we had all of the new parts we needed for our new Dodge patrol car. It seems Maj. Tom Cristoffer is still waiting for a few small parts that are needed to hold a few things together so we will be slightly delayed in the completion of the Dodge vehicle.

I have now covered everything that was on my list for today’s column, so I suppose I should clear out for this week with my usual drive with care and keep out of our jail, but the light bulb does burn!

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