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Sheriff’s View #27 for July 4 to 8, 2011
Sheriff’s View #27 for July 4 to 8, 2011

Sheriff J.B. King

Welcome to another column as I type away on the Fourth of July. What a day in American history. In fact, it is such a day that should one decide to mention some part of American history then what do you mention? The winner is the Battle of Gettysburg. Yes, I know it was fought from July 1 through 3, 1863, but on the 4th both armies were exhausted and taking care of their wounded. Not to mention the Johnny Rebs were on the retreat march watching for a pursuit from the Yanks, and the Yanks were thinking about that move, so the battle as such was still going on the 4th of July.

Enough history; back to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

As of 9:50 a.m. on July 4, our inmate list stands at 71 total inmates. We have 33 here and 38 elsewhere. You should know the drill by now: 38 inmates times $35 each daily equals a jail bill of $1,330 for today’s holding list. Miller County, Phelps County and the City of Dixon would like to thank the Pulaski County taxpayers for your very generous donation of tax greenbacks to their coffers.

Our calls for service/case number count stands at 5,837 this morning at the same time as above. Last night we had one DOA at the scene and two unsuccessful suicide attempts, not to mention the other calls. We are no longer the sleepy little country town we once were back in the 1930s time frame; now we are a suburb of St. Louis, at least in the crime sense, but we are still set in a mostly rural county, which is just another way for me to say once again that we are in a small town tax base with big city crime problems.

The much awaited audit review of our two biggest federal grants took place last week on Tuesday and the initial comments from the person who conducted the telephone review were very favorable to Pulaski County. At this point I cannot exactly say we passed with flying colors because she still has about twenty more pages of documents to review that we faxed and e-mailed to her during our talks on Tuesday. Once she has finished with those documents, she will write up her report and send us a letter within thirty days with her verdict. However, her comments during the exit review call on Tuesday were very nice and I believe that we will pass with high marks in the end.

We did another reserve deputy drug interdiction on Sunday, July 3, and we had little to show for our efforts besides one warrant arrest and one small drug case. We also had one patrol car breakdown and we had difficulty replacing the car so the deputies could get back to work. The enthusiasm of the deputies has not dropped and I am sure we will be back in the drug hunt soon. I am hopeful that we can snag another load to give to the DEA for delivery and maybe rack up some more of that free drug runner cash to spend on equipment for the department.

We have other good news this week. Sometime back the president of Advanced Correctional Healthcare (ACH) called me and told me about a billing problem at the Miller County Jail. As he described the issue I realized that we had done the same thing here and I went looking for past paid receipts. We came up with $2,032.74 worth of paid receipts which I sent to ACH for review. This week ACH applied the full amount to our July inmate medical bill as a credit and we will only have to pay $2,081 for the July medical bill. I am trying to remember the exact monthly ACH payment and the figure of $4,011 is what pops out of my tired brain as the monthly payment. That works out to about the $49,000 mark for the year. It is also quite a contrast to our 2003 and 2004 medical payments of $181,196 and $178,107 per year. In this case, progress has been cheaper on the county taxpayers.

Now that July is here, the next round of the quarterly federal grant reports is due in the Performance Measurement Tool system (PMT) and I have until the end of July to get these reports done. These reports are a combination of new progress and old news on each grant report. Some of them are simple and some can get complex.

Now that Maj. Tom Cristoffer is back from vacation, the work on the 2008 Dodge can start up once again and hopefully we will have the car on the road soon. I think all the parts he needed came in while he was gone so he should be able to jump on the project.

I believe that I am out of news and the column will be a little short on words this week. Please drive with care and please keep your actions legal for we do not need any more people in the jail, but if you must visit, we will leave our bright jail light bulb on just for you.

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