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Sheriff’s View #25 for June 20 to 24, 2011
Sheriff’s View #25 for June 20 to 24, 2011

Sheriff J.B. King

Hello out there in column land! How are you doing? I am not doing so well today for I find that once again I did not make any notes during the week about what I was going to cover today. That means we do pot luck one more time for the latest news and thrills, or in more simple terms, I am not as ready as needed for today’s column.

We shall start out with some numbers. I just checked with dispatch at 9:24 a.m. on June 18, and the case number/calls for service count stands at 5,275 this morning. Even worse, they say we have 72 inmates on the list right now. That means we are roughly 42 inmates over our local holding limit and 42 inmates times $35 per day means our daily inmate board bill for today will be about $1,470, so please go out and buy something expensive so Pulaski County can get that half-cent per dollar sales tax in order to pay off this board bill.

On second thought, that probably will not work out to well. I just tried to do the math and I came up with a retail sales figure of $294,000 as needed to generate the $1,470 to pay this bill. Somebody please, please, tell me I did the math wrong this next week because I just scared myself. At this half-cent tax rate, we will never get anywhere with the progress of the department, nor with Pulaski County in general.

On the grant front this next week, I will need to brief the Pulaski County Commission on the status of the latest grant that I am going after. We have a grant pending that will supply $10,984 for equipment. I am going to ask for two new car camera systems, one hot car alarm with a door popper for the K-9 car, and one special tool kit for drug interdiction on I-44. The car cameras will be the same as the five we already have, one of the best ones on the market. Since they run $4,985 per unit with $25 for shipping they are hard to come by for us. This would bring us up to seven cars with a camera system. The hot car alarm with the door popper is a safety device wired into the K-9 vehicle. In the event of a vehicle failure the alarm will sound and the door will “pop” open to let the dog escape instead of dying from heat stroke. The special tool kit was designed by experienced officers to assist with the access to hidden compartments on drug running vehicles. As you can see the base effort of this grant will be to increase our efficiency during drug operations.

Since December of 2010 we have received a total of about $9,342 from the DEA for drug cases that we assisted them with and this is free money for us to spend. I intend to turn the drug forfeit funds into two more in car camera systems for us. This order when completed would bring us up to nine modern car camera systems. Slowly but surely, we are going to join the modern era of police equipment.

I will have the I-44 interdiction troops out on the asphalt again in the very near future and maybe we will get lucky once again and bag another load of drugs that the DEA can deliver some place and bag a few more bad guys along with their cash drug proceeds. I promise you I can spend every cent we get this way on equipment for our deputies.

The COPS grant is still on the pending list and we will not get an answer until October of this year. If we are successful on this grant we will get the services of one new deputy for a total of four years. Pulaski County will only have to pay the total salary for him in year four. The first three years are on the feds for free.

I believe that I have already mentioned that on June 28, we are going to do an audit on two of our grants by telephone. These two grants total roughly $458,000 in federal dollars. Last June we had an in-house audit and we passed with flying colors. This year, due to federal budget cuts, the audit person cannot travel to us so we are going to use the telephone to complete the audit.

Yesterday, Friday June 17, I sent her about 150 pages of documents for review by UPS. So a word of advance warning: on June 28 I may be hard to reach because I will be on several long conference calls. Yes, if we fail the audit we could have to pay back the money to the feds but I look for us to pass. In any event, I will pass on any news from the audit person as it becomes available to release.

The gathering of the needed documents for the audit has cut into my time and once again I seem to have fallen behind on our news releases to the media. The old saying that the day needs about 36 hours instead of just 24 seems to hold true these days. Maybe the reason that Alexander the Great was such a good military general and conquered half the world was his youth and the fact he could go without sleep to accomplish the mission. As an old-timer, these days I find that I must have the sleep or else bad things happen to the “Git-R done” phrase.

I seem to have stumbled through the usual run of word length and I must close out for today. Please drive with care and please keep your actions legal for the last thing we need right now is more people in our jail, but we will leave the bright jail light bulb on just for you!

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