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Sewer District employee gets court protective order after shooting threat

PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. (Dec. 13, 2010) — Government agencies often have to deal with angry or frustrated customers. However, an employee of the Pulaski County Sewer District has taken an additional step of asking Associate Circuit Judge Colin Long to issue an ex parte order banning one of their customers from coming to the sewer district offices, or “communicating with the (sewer district employee) in any manner or through any medium.”

That customer, Al Ellis, is also ordered not to “abuse, threaten to abuse, stalk, molest or disturb the peace” of the sewer district employee.

Associate Circuit Judge Greg Warren is scheduled to review the protective order at 9 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 17.

While the employee’s name is listed in court records, standard media procedure is not to release the name of abuse victims or those alleging abuse.

Long issued the ex parte order on Thursday, Dec. 9, two days after the last meeting of the sewer board; that’s the same day the sewer district employee requested the order.

Grounds for the order, according to court documents, are that Ellis has harassed as well as threatened to harass the sewer district employee.

“He does not seem stable,” the sewer district employee wrote in her request for a protective order.

“He calls the office frequently about all kinds of things. He called today and told me someone was going to come into the office and shoot me. He calls the district about things that do not have anything to do with the sewer district,” she wrote.

Ellis came to the Pulaski County Commission Monday morning and told commissioners that the reason he’s calling the sewer district is that he has a sewer manhole on Heart Road which blocks access to his home.

“They say I’m coming in to harass them and I can’t even get to my house,” Ellis said.

Eastern District Commissioner Bill Farnham asked for details.

“Is the manhole sitting higher than the road? Is that the deal?” Farnham asked. “As far as I now Hart Road has been a private road the whole time I’ve been here unless they changed it

Ellis confirmed that’s correct, and said he’s also upset that his address and those of others in his trailer court changed after the Pulaski County Sewer District installed a sewer pipeline.

“Everybody’s address changed when this sewer pipe came in here, and here’s the deed to prove it,” Ellis said, noting that his home had the same address since he was 17 years old.

Presiding Commissioner Don McCulloch said he’d try to help.

“I’m on your side, Mr. Ellis,” McCulloch said. “Here’s what I’m going to ask be done today. I’m going to ask that Mr. Farnham’s people go look at it. He knows (Sewer Board Chairman) Gary Porter and those boys.”

A check by Farnham of records in the Pulaski County Assessor’s Office verified that Heart Drive and the adjacent trailer court is now owned by Roy DeVore and is not a country road. That means Farnham can’t fix the road, but he said he’ll try to help.

“I can visit with someone about fixing the sewer; I’ll get the chairman of the sewer district and he and me will go look at it,” Farnham said.

“That’s all I want,” Ellis said.

“(Farnham) will see if he can bring you some kind of relief,” McCulloch said.

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