Rep. Day Introduces Legislation to Help Ease County Expenses

Rep. David Day

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Members of the Pulaski County law enforcement community would receive some help under legislation filed this week by Rep. David Day, R-Dixon. Rep. Day filed legislation (HB 29) to give the 25th Judicial Circuit Court an additional circuit court marshal to help manage the heavy legal workload.

Under Rep. Day’s bill, the current minimum prison population requirement necessary for the court to appoint an additional marshal would be lowered. The current requirement is an average inmate population over a two-year period of more than 2,500. House Bill 29 would lower that requirement to a two-year average of 1,500 inmates. With this, the 25th Judicial Circuit Court, which includes Pulaski County, would have the authority to appoint an additional circuit court marshal. The marshal position aids judges in the administration of the judicial business of the circuit which is in part currently being done by local law enforcement. This legislation, if passed would lessen the burden of time and money on the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department.

Pulaski County Sheriff J.B. King said, “This change in the law will greatly assist the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. While the actual Circuit Court Marshall position falls under the budget of Pulaski County Circuit Clerk Rachelle Beasley, there are only two positions. We frequently have three Judges with cases at the same time so the Sheriff’s department must supply the third marshal for the job. This uses up a lot of deputy time for us. The addition of the third marshal position would help both our department and Circuit Clerk Beasley with her department’s duties.”

“This is a true bi-partisan effort and hopefully we can get this bill through this session. Judge Colin Long, Judge Mary Sheffield, Circuit Clerk Rachelle Beasley and many others have visited with me about this issue and are in support of it. I appreciate their help as I have worked to draft the legislation. This will help many areas of the state that like us, have law enforcement departments and county budgets that are stretched about as far as they can go” Day said.

“The men and women in law enforcement work hard to keep us safe but they need and deserve a helping hand,” said Rep. Day. “This simple change to the law will allow Pulaski County to add a circuit court marshal who will further improve the service we receive from our law enforcement and legal communities. I am happy to do any thing I can to help the sheriff’s department and everyone involved in the legal system so we can continue to make our part of the state a great place to live.”