Rep. David Day Concerned About Changes in Conservation Permits

Rep. David Day

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Conservation Commission met on September 26th to discuss regulations and rate changes that will ultimately affect all Missourians in regards to hunting, fishing, trapping permits and changes on landowner tags. Changes announced by the Missouri Conservation Commission will result in increased permit fees on hunting, fishing and trapping and eliminate many landowner permits if not rescinded or altered; it would go into effect on July 1, 2009.

“I am deeply concerned just as many Missourians are about these changes. The landowners are the ones that feed the wildlife in our state, and now for such drastic changes to be made is a mistake in my opinion, I am also opposed to an increase in permit rates for residents that hunt and fish in our state” said State Representative David Day (R-Dixon).

According to the state constitution, the Missouri Conservation Commission is made up of four commissioners, appointed by the Governor, with no more than two of whom shall be of the same political party. The Conservation Commission has several responsibilities which include serving as the Department’s policy makers, approving Wildlife Code Regulations, and work on strategic and budget issues

“While some of the changes are positive, I am deeply concerned and opposed to several issues including the proposed rate increases and the change that would require more Missourians who hunt or fish on their own land to buy a permit” said Day. “Missouri is a state populated by thousands of hunters and fishermen and we should not implement changes that make participating in these activities a burden. I hope every Missourian who cares about this issue will join with me and take the time to make their voices heard and let the Missouri Conservation Commission know they should take a second look and rescind these changes before they are implemented” Day concluded.

The Missouri Conservation Commission approved the changes during the September 26th meeting but they will not go into effect until 2009. Approved changes include two to three dollar increases for the majority of hunting and fishing permits; increasing the acreage from 5 to 80 contiguous acres necessary to receive no-cost deer and turkey permits; and creation of a Senior Forever permit for citizens 60 years of age or older.

The 30-day window for public comment will begin November 17, when the changes are published in the Missouri Register. After the 30-day public comment period, all comments will be compiled and sent to the Conservation Commission for their information and consideration. At such time, the Conservation Commission may decide to rescind, alter or continue with changes as previously approved. Concerned Missourians may enter comments by writing to the following address: Missouri Department of Conservation, Director John Hoskins, P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102. You may also go to where there is a link for providing public comment online and also a complete list of the proposed changes.

“Our Conservation Department does a great job of managing Missouri’s wildlife. They are also one of the best funded Conservation Departments in the nation because of the 1/8th cent sales tax they receive. When you consider the state of our economy, I feel it is the wrong to ask Missourians to pay more to hunt and fish in our state, especially the ones that own the land where the wildlife lives” concluded Rep. Day.

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