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Stop the settlements! End the occupation! Give the land back!
Stop the settlements! End the occupation! Give the land back!

Dave Weinbaum
One can certainly agree that when a nation takes away land from its rightful owners, without provocation, then it should stop building and adding settlements on aforesaid ground. Negotiations should take place to return said terrain to the aggrieved, immediately thereafter.

Then what?

Peace in our time. We can all sit around the campfire, hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

Such is the case now in a United Nations-recognized country. The argument has always been that a conquering nation should be held responsible for misdeeds.

It took phony wars, battles and atrocities to encroach on the victims’ land, justifying the unjustifiable: displacement, theft of homes and territories, now populated mostly by the invaders.

Years back, this new country constantly expanded its borders. Its armed forces conquered land that was governed and/or occupied by others who had been there for centuries before.

Recent precedent abounds.

This land grab will soon be on the substantial plate of the United Nations and a concern for freedom-loving, sensitive citizens of the world.

A movement to rectify this horrible situation has been going on for 40 years. There’s a growing faction that has legally and otherwise reoccupied what once was their territory. The organizations formed are clear about their goal to retake what was once theirs.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” — Thomas Jefferson

The position of the Obama Administration in demanding Israel stop the West Bank settlements, implying that land will be the solution to Mideast peace, sets the precedent for a similar situation ... one that is much closer to home.

Aztlan, Mecha and La Raza (the race) represent thousands of Latinos who are demanding that the USSA (United Socialistic States of America) stop the settlements in all seven Southwest states ... no more building in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Texas and Houston. Then we can see to the return of these lands to the rightful owner, Mexico.

Think I’m inhaling peace-pipe smoke? Think again.

As opposed to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

• Unlike Israel, there was no United Nations vote justifying America as a country before it was established.

• America subjugated the Southwest. Israel was the victim of Arab/Muslim invasion in 1947 and many wars and battles all after the United Nations confirmed Israel as a legal state.

• Unlike the United States, Israel lived on and governed the land in question in its previous history.

• Unlike the United States, Jews were awarded the land of Israel over 3,000 years ago, by the One and Only, G-d.

• Israel earned the right to keep the property taken in aggressive wars against it because it won.

If truth be told, the USSA has substantial risk of legitimate claim against it, more so than Palestinians do against Israel.

With the nomination of Her Honor Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, Obama may have put the repatriation of the American Southwest to Mexico in play. Few know that the self-proclaimed superior Latina judge was an active member of the National Council of La Raza (The Race) from 1998 until 2004, while a sitting federal appellate judge.

Remember, a Supreme Court Justice is, according to President Obama, a person who should “redistribute wealth.” That person should also be “sensitive” to people of tough circumstance and of minority status.

Also, a Supreme Court justice is a lifetime appointee and one could say is more powerful than a president constricted with term limits and political considerations. She would be one of only nine as opposed to one of 100 in the Senate and one of 435 in the House of Representatives.

As the president appeases the Arab/Muslim world and throws its best ally, Israel, under the bus, gives Miranda rights to terrorists, confiscates the private sector, chucks the economy into an unprecedented multi-generational mess, can anyone discount his motive to “change” the borders of the United States?

All you West Coasters who love Obama, get ready to say adios to your casas. Either that or learn to speak Espanol, if you haven’t already. There should be an abundance of work if you stay.

According to Carlos Mencia, there’ll be plenty of “yobs” for crop pickers, restaurant workers and domestic help.

Oh ... and let us not forget the Native Americans. They’re next.

(Dave Weinbaum is a regular contributor of one-liners and commentaries to many regional and national publications and web sites, including the Reader's Digest, National Enquirer and Forbes and is a regular pundit for the www.jewishworldreview.com. Readers can reach Dave at dwquote@prodigy.net or his website, www.daveweinbaum.com. Listen to the Dave Weinbaum Radio Talk show on KTTR 99.7 FM and 1490 AM on Friday mornings starting at 9:05.)

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