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The Sheriff’s View #47 for Nov. 17 to 21, 2008
The Sheriff’s View #47 for Nov. 17 to 21, 2008

Sheriff J.B. King
Welcome aboard for one more column on a very nice and sunny but cold day in Pulaski County. After a recent comment made by a person who did not like me I feel the need to add a disclaimer to the first paragraph of the column today. This is a column about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, the events that occur to the members of the department, the problems that we face, and the solutions I feel are needed. So if you do not want to read about such things as the need for a law enforcement sales tax then stop right now and move over to the comic section of the paper.

As I said in last week’s column my job as CEO of the department is to manage and expand the department. The concept of “make do” with your resources is still with us but the bottom line is that the resources have shrunk and the population base along with the calls for service have expanded. They are no longer in balance. Logic would tell us the population base is not going anywhere so we must expand the revenue to meet the current and future needs. My fear is that someday soon we will be faced with an emergency situation that we do not have the resources to handle and the end result will be tragic for members of our community.

That will lead to arguments over who did not do what to prevent the situation from happening. You know the classic case of lock the barn door after the horse escapes type of thinking. My objective is to prevent the situation in the first place. Plan for the future, insure the placement of manpower and equipment into the mix to prevent or quickly end any emergency situation. In short lets have a happy ending instead of tragic ending. In a nutshell I am fighting for the protection of the citizens of Pulaski County and I just do not understand all the critical remarks I receive for trying to protect our citizens. That is the job of the Sheriff folks, Protection with a capitol P.

It is time to step off the soapbox and go back to work. The good news is that we have had a fairly quiet week. Our current call for service/case number count stands at 9,599. Last Sunday it was at 9,379 so we have gained 220 incidents this past week. Our new operations deputy Capt. Bill Anderson has already found out that the unrelenting secession of new calls makes it very hard to go back and take care of the older calls that you had to put on hold for a minute. He is also finding out that the available manpower does not stretch very far some days. Welcome aboard Bill!

While we are on the topic of dispatch I have the October 2008 dispatch numbers ready for publication. We had 4,726 telephone calls. We had 982 people at the front window. We had 25 animal calls, 15 domestic disputes and the dispatch staff found 11 people at the front window with active warrants. So once again the dispatch crew earned their small salary by doing good work for the county.

During the past week our Crimes against children deputy has been contacting schools in the area and handing out information brochures and posters to help the schools in the fight against drugs. We have a few thousand anti-drug books that we managed to acquire and we are doing out best to get them out in the public eye. If you are interested call 774-6196 and leave a message for Lt. Mike Denny.

We are also accepting applications for several job positions at this time. We need deputies, jail staff and dispatch staff. Again call 774-6196 to start the application process. If you want to be a deputy sheriff please remember you must be POST certified by the state of Missouri. If you are not POST certified please do not apply.

As I predicted several weeks ago our inmate daily count has climbed back into the high fifties and low sixties for the past week. Remember that any count above 30 means $35.00 per day per inmate that we pay to another jail for holding them. It does not take long to add up to a sizeable bill.

Once again I seem to have run out of news so I will close for today. I would again ask that you drive careful and stay legal. Please take your jail business elsewhere we do not want your business. But we shall leave the light on for you if you must visit.

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