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Crisis! What crisis? Ha! America: You’ve been punk’d!
Crisis! What crisis? Ha! America: You’ve been punk’d!

Dave Weinbaum
Like most teens these days, my 17-year-old daughter possesses a cell phone. The first time I called her she answered, “Hello.” I started talking then heard her respond, “Who is this?” I said, “I’m the guy who’s providing you food, shelter and cell phones!” She retorted, “Ha, you’ve been punk’d! Leave a message after the beep.”

After falling for this con five times, I’m now on to her little scam.

As President Obama’s popularity results lower and his negative numbers climb, it’s apparent that America is a little quicker on the uptake than I was.

“When you rush budgets that are a foot high ... and nobody has read them ... people (feel) intimidated by the administration.” — Barack H. Obama 11/22/04

Obama abused the words “crisis” and “catastrophe” more than 30 times to shock Americans into urging congress to pass bills they hadn’t read. After their vote and signing, we find the new laws don’t stimulate as much as destroy the structure of democracy. Obama lied about the transparency and deliberateness he promised.

Last week Barack said the crisis was overstated and the economy was “sound,” the same message he castigated citizen McCain for during the campaign. The Dow was about 4,000 points higher and we were $3 trillion richer back then. Those days, BB (before Barack) may be known in the future as the good ‘ole days.

How does he get away with it?

Barack bombarded us with so many straw dogs; we can feed cattle with their spare hay.

Each week’s demon has its own shelf life.

• Limbaugh was good for a couple laughs when he wished the president failure on his socialism quest. But all that did was get Rush new young listeners.

• Then it was the evil bankers foreclosing on forlorn poor who signed on to mortgages by having their arms twisted into little knots.

• Now the fiends are those evil AIG executives who accepted retention bonuses via legal contracts. Usually sane Republican Sen. Charles Grassley told the AIGers to resign or commit suicide. This false indignation has caused piano wire strangulation threats to AIG employees, their children and spouses. Barney Frank is demanding their names and addresses so murderers can find them. Who says Congress isn’t there to help?

If you stop making hay, it could be the last straw

That the AIG bonus payments were contracted a year ago with full knowledge of everyone in government and put into the tarp bills by Senator Chris Dodd with the knowledge and approval of Tim Geithner, tax cheat in charge of the IRS, and President Obama, it begs the question: Why worry about the previously contracted $165 million when AIG had transferred $100 billion of our taxes to foreign banks all over the world?

As Congress votes on stealing through taxation of perfectly legal payments, let us take note of the precedent this establishes. If the government can intercede on these legal and binding agreements, it can break any contract for any reason. That’s what socialists, communists, and fascists do, folks.

If President Obama didn’t know what was in his bills while ramming them down our throats, then he’s incompetent. If he knew, then he’s a liar. Either way it’s a blight on America and the presidency.

We elected a president and got a stand-up comic

The president, unable to govern, has taken the Animal House solution. He’s off on a coast-to-coast air trip to appear on Jay Leno. Then what, a gig on Comedy Central?

Here’s the latest joke on America. The felons at ACORN, including child rapists and admitted voter registration frauds, have been hired by Obama as census takers.

The time for America to vote out this vile congress is in 2010, and then curtail President Obama’s lease on the White House to four instead of eight years.

We can’t afford to talk ourselves silly when no one else is on the other line.

(Dave Weinbaum is a regular contributor of one-liners and commentaries to many regional and national publications and web sites, including the Reader’s Digest, National Enquirer and Forbes and is a regular pundit for the www.jewishworldreview.com Readers can reach Dave at dwquote@prodigy.net or his websitewww.daveweinbaum.com Listen to the Dave Weinbaum Radio Talk show on KTTR 99.7 FM and 1490 AM on Friday mornings starting at 9:05)

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