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Tue, Jun 6, 2023
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The silence of the libs
The silence of the libs

Dave Weinbaum
The lambs were housed, nourished and cuddled.

They trusted the “One” to provide all sustenance. The master preached “hope” and “change” for their future.

Babies especially loved their Master, blinded by his vague but hypnotic words.

The woolly ones were elated. Finally, someone was interested in them. Someone appreciated them. Someone loved them. Someone would save them.

They would go anywhere the Messiah told them to go and vote for him no matter what. Dissenters were to be vilified and silenced, removed from the herd by censorship doctrines or FCC rulings, so as not to disrupt the young sheep’s dreams.

Relinquishing any measure of free will, the lambs lined up in the barn. Just before the blade cut deep, they screamed their high pitched wail against winter’s gale.

It was too late.

No one was left to hear.

The freezing March wind iced over the last squeals, blizzard wailing until there were no shrieks left to pierce the frozen night.

Silence enveloped the farm.

The Master was left to his feast. He devoured their livers with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

The greener grass on the other side wilts quicker

Personally, I’ve noticed a distinct tail-off of liberal defense of President Obama. Not that their justification amounted to much more than personal attacks on my bald dome, religion and/or lack of a formal writing degree from HAHVAD. There was an occasional quote from the “One” thrown in, just to show that it wasn’t ALL about ad hominem attack.

The online assault from the left has dwindled to a trickle. Further, the condemnations are personal, without bothering to quote the “One.”

Here are a few of the groups that seem stunned into silence:

Jews — Almost 80 percent voted for Obama. Since being in office, the president has appeared on Arab/Muslim TV, appeasing Islamofascists. He’s directed his administration to make nice with self-proclaimed mass murder wannabes in Syria, Iran, and Gaza. Barack offered $900 million in aid to Hamas to rearm ... I mean, rebuild. One wonders if Hamas had launched 21,000 rockets against Israeli civilians, instead of the 7,000 they rained upon them, if the aid would have tripled.

Business People/investors — Inexplicably, some thought President Obama would be a boon for business. They’ve watched as $3 trillion in wealth has disintegrated since we knew the “One” would be anointed. Et tu, Warren?

Youth — Politically non-savvy, but swayed by a despise-Bush press, they are the most damaged. Even they can see they’ve been taken to the cleaners, their futures foreclosed with debt, on a short track to Communism and tyranny.

Minorities — Those who are making the American Dream work and have become rich in the greatest country in the world will not be easily pried away from their treasure. They will fight their taxes going to buy houses for those who scammed the system.

You don’t have to have a title to be a leader

The lead dog faces the cold wind first.

Rush Limbaugh scored big at CPAC. His speech was his first aired worldwide. In response, Barack’s hacks have converted Rush into a straw dog. Limbaugh’s words resonated and were in Obama’s face. His speech was folksy and down to earth. Regular listeners were not surprised.

The Obama Administration has anointed Limbaugh as opposition leader.

So be it.

Rush, if the glove fits, you cannot quit.

The problem for the rats in the Obama crew is this straw dog has steel teeth.

Ask Harry Reid how that censure against Limbaugh worked. For those in Doomore, Rush ate Harry up and spit him out.

Rush challenged the President of the United States to a one-on-one debate, sans teleprompters. Limbaugh offered to make all arrangements so taxpayers don’t have to.

It’s your dream-become-nightmare Mr. President, a chance for young people and other non-believers to hear Rush’s ideas mano-a-mano against yours’.

Mr. President. You started it.

The lambs nervously await ...

(Dave Weinbaum is a regular contributor of one-liners and commentaries to many regional and national publications and web sites, including the Reader's Digest, National Enquirer and Forbes and is a regular pundit for the www.jewishworldreview.com. Readers can reach Dave at dwquote@prodigy.net or his website, www.daveweinbaum.com. Listen to the Dave Weinbaum Radio Talk show on KTTR 99.7 FM and 1490 AM on Friday Mornings starting @ 9:05)

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