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Sat, Dec 9, 2023
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Making money is easy if you have the ink and paper
Making money is easy if you have the ink and paper

Dave Weinbaum
The Obama Administration has starting printing money at a rate that would turn Midas green with jealousy for projects which had less vetting than the tax criminals he keeps awarding cabinet posts. To my knowledge, three days after the signing, no one has yet claimed to have read this huge side of greasy pork.

Please pass the hemorrhoid cream, for we American taxpayers have just been bent over.


The President said it was URGENT! I didn’t see that exception in Obama’s promised five-day Internet posting of any bill. Did you?

So here’s our introduction to the Barack International Theme Entertainment and Motel. (BITE ME) The working slogan is, “Empty Your Pockets and You Won’t Get Hurt.”

We’re slowly clanked up the roller coaster rails. The higher we go, the view of our lost and shrinking country is sickeningly disturbing. We’re queasy with the new heights of hypocrisies foisted upon us.

Looking up, we spy an NBC hot air balloon piloted by Chris Matthews, leg-tingler in chief. Keith Olbermann, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell and a gaggle of NBC flacks — earning between $4 million and $15 million each — drift with whatever propaganda keeps them on Barack’s good list.

GE owns NBC and recently had its lending division bailed out with $139 billion of OUR money. In his infinite wisdom, the president has set a precedent. Obama has decreed that anyone feeding off the government teat should receive no more than $500,000 a year.

Media elitists caught in their own scheme for everyone else? PRICELESS!

If you look further up you may witness the crisscrossing of Air Force One (AF1) over the country symbolically showing us who’s in charge. AF1 occasionally descends so Obama can make an appearance or five. Then without an apparent care in the world, AF1 spews carbons back to DC to pick up Michelle. The First Couple is flown to a Chicago restaurant, and then returned to the White House, dropping off the First Lady only to take off again with the “One.”

How many poor people’s homes could have been bailed out just with the huge costs of that abominable waste of the taxpayer’s money in this time of “Crisis” and “Despair?”

With a congress’s negligence and a president’s scribble, we’re released from the dizzying peak into a downward spiral shot into the bowels of poverty and hopelessness. Our brains are bashed against skulls, cheeks shuttering to the back of our ears, stomachs left atop.

We pass quickly by the hard-earned prosperity once attained in an imperfect, yet workable market. Many of the once-poor had risen to dizzying heights of newfound wealth since the Reagan Revolution and Clinton welfare reform. Now they’re plunging to the oblivion of unending welfare, once again to be rewarded for having more fatherless children for generations to come.

Democrats have another name for those on permanent government aid — they’re called voters.

How ironic that the first African-American president would choose to enslave the American population

Welcome to the United Socialistic States of the Republic ... soon to be known as the NEW USSR.

What’s next?

Call me paranoid, but with the White House brazenly taking over the census, calling for an in-house militia, and Hugo Chavez conniving Venezuela to make him president for life, I’m becoming a little suspicious of Obama.

It’s no longer a laughable stretch to see us under Communistic thumb for the next 50 years, until and unless we take our country back, via election, and reverse the Red Cancer seeping through our system.

As we come off the last precipitous dip and begin to relax, we’re faced with this startling sign. “Sorry! The rest of the tracks have been confiscated by Harry Reid as a down-payment for his LA to Vegas train.”

All is not lost.

Those of us still breathing after the fall will be diagnosed and treated by our new experts in healthcare ... the government.

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