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Wed, Mar 29, 2023
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Are Democrats dumb or wise? I pick "clever."
Are Democrats dumb or wise? I pick "clever."

Dave Weinbaum
President Obama has achieved crass political scam-hood in the disguise of a “non-partisan stimulus bill.”

A prime example is the four billion dollar payoff to groups like ACORN. That’s thousands of jobs guaranteed in the profession of Democrat election fraud and bank coercing for sub-prime loans.

Using Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid to create this three-ring, 1,434 page Madeoff scheme, Barack foisted what he said he deplored about the Bush Administration: He terrified the populace and three Republican traitors to get it passed.

The Secret to a Rich Life is to NEVER Take a Bailout from Government

In 1999 Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary Anthony Cuomo decreed that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac buy $2.4 TRILLION in soon-to-be toxic mortgages to house 28.1 million families. That’s what Democrats shoved the banks into and that’s what collapsed our economy. Democratic hacks like Freddie and Fannie’s Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, and Jim Johnson lined their pockets with tens of millions as Reps Barney Franks, Maxine Waters and Senators Chucky “The American people don’t care about pork” Schumer and Chris Dodds provided cover from Republican probes.

Take note of what government ownership of private business is like. Watch the current hearings. Dems in congress have lined up those bank CEOs who accepted government bailouts. The bankers are scolded as if they were 12 and had batted a ball through a window or left their bike in the driveway or, G-d forbid, contributed to a Republican. That should be fair warning to business leaders who meekly comply as Democrats put them in a hole and then blame them for using the very shovels Democrats demanded they dig with.

In their haste to get the original 350 billion in relief to the above banks, the Democratic congress forgot to put in how it should be spent. Seventy Eight billion dollars of our money is now missing.

The congressional Democrats have committed us to a Two Trillion dollar bailout: $900 million under Bush and $1.1 trillion under Obama There’s more to come according to Secretary of the Treasury, Timmy “Turbo Tax” Geithner.

Democrats are killing capitalism and taking names

Dems are clever, NOT wise. The American public is realizing they are being taken for a ride. The vast majority are fond of our capitalistic traditions. They realize that the socialistic Barack-led Democrats are sneaking non-job related legislation in without debate. This isn’t what they thought Obama was promising when he invoked “change” and “hope.”

Government spending as a percentage of GNP was 18 percent when Clinton left office, is 21 percent today, will be 28 percent this year due to the “stimulus” package, and will be 40 percent in 2010, which will be the most since World War II.

The United States didn’t become the world’s economic model by curbing incentive and providing solace for people who refuse to work and look at welfare as a generational right. Most Americans know that socialism and big brother Communism have never worked ... ever.

The huddled masses aren’t lining up to immigrate to Russia, Cuba or Venezuela.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” - Rahm Emanual

So what’s the bottom line?

The average worker can now live off the luxury of an extra $13 a week. Let him eat cake or a couple of Happy Meals a week. Jobs that were promised are mostly temp work. Once a government building is built or road asphalted, the job is over. Up go the unemployment rates and back to Congress for more bailout cash go the Dems.

Thus, those that believe that the “Messiah” would provide free houses, cars and gas for life will be dumbfounded.

As detail oozes out like sausage from this land-filler of a pork bill, public support for it has dropped precipitously to 34 percent. Today’s poll shows the public split as to which party should lead congress in 2010.

Democrats may have overplayed their hand.

In fact, they’re all in.

How wise is that?

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