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Republicans refuse to bend over just because Obama 'One'
Republicans refuse to bend over just because Obama 'One'

Dave Weinbaum
There have been enough reviews of the Democratic fraud of a “stimulus” bill, a.k.a., “generational theft.” The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office lists more pork in this bill than a family reunion barbeque in Arkansas. Even folks in Normal, Ill., a place from which I’m barred for obvious reasons, understand what a con-job this bill is. Let it be known that this spending spree is an orgy of Democratic payoffs:

• from the $4 billion to the election cheating ACORNS
• to hundreds of millions to the abortion and condom industry
• to billions for National Parks and Recreation
• to billions for the unsubstantiated man-made, global-warming-scamming, ALGORE-led-greenies
• to “social engineering”

Let’s not mince words. Part of this bill’s intent, according to Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor, Robert Reich, is racist and sexist. On Jan. 7, he went before House Ways and Means Committee Chair Charlie “Taxes? What taxes?” Rangel. Regarding the infrastructure jobs, Reich said, “... I am concerned ... that these jobs not simply go to ... WHITE MALE construction workers ... criterion can be set so that money goes to ... the long term unemployed minorities (and) women.” President Obama has yet to issue a correction.

And I thought that type of thing was what the main steaming press said about Republicans.

Want more proof? Most of the money is not to be spent until 2010.

Gee, isn’t there an election that year?

Hear about the marriage between the tight end and wide receiver? The wedding wasn’t much but the reception was fabulous.

As Paul Harvey says, “Here’s the rest of the story.”

As a warm-up to the Super Bowl, we just watched the newly elected President of the United States try a reverse lateral, forward pass akin to the Warner/Fitzgerald touchdown that inducted the Arizona Cardinals into the Big Game.

Barack handed the pork skin to that political bruiser Fancy Pants Pelosi. She ran to the left sideline as the Obominator faded to the right, faking Republican leadership into believing they were going to be involved in the score. As Pelosi was about to ram the left side, she stopped and threw an underhanded (the only way she can throw) lateral to the Obominator. He, in turn, threw the pig laden bill, I mean ball, to his favorite receiver: Himself. As he ran down the field to catch his own pass, he tried hard to convince Repubs to rid themselves of his pesky enemy, and hard-hitting conservative linebacker, Rush.

Limbaugh, watching the President’s eyes all the way, hustled to the ball like Bill Clinton to an intern. He beat Obama to it, made a wide turn and began lumbering to the goal line. Instead of eluding, Rush went straight at the president, Nancy Pants, and her blocker Steny “House Bleater” Hoyer. The Libs were about to gang tackle Rush, planning to hit him high and low and from left to right.

As Limbaugh headed for the Dems, neither zigging nor zagging, suddenly every single Republican Rep and 11 blue dog Dems appeared from the right and plowed just in front of Rush, obliterated the president, the squeaker, and the house bleater, to the roars of Limbaugh’s 20 million strong audience. Rush scored a touchdown, unbowed and untouched.

He and conservatives intercepted the momentum the Messiah and his minions have enjoyed from a leg-tingled press and many of his hypnotized backers. Infallibility is over; and in the first eight days of Obama’s administration.


Yeah, the right is still far behind. The race to socialism is well on its way. But it’s a great start in the first few minutes of the new game. The Republican quest for the election playoffs of 2010 leading up to the next super election of 2012 has officially begun.

Now there’s some stimulus conservatives can be proud of.

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