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County elevator breakdowns create problems
PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. (Jan. 23, 2009) — One reason why Pulaski County voters approved a new courthouse two decades ago was that the second-floor courtroom wasn’t accessible to the handicapped. That’s becoming a problem again due to repeated problems with the elevator in the new courthouse, which has repeatedly been taken out of service.

County Clerk Diana Linnenbringer told the commissioners that she’s been told by an elevator repairman that the courthouse elevator was built in 1969, uses nearly obsolete parts, and may need to be replaced.

“I said that can’t be,” Linnenbringer said. “He’s saying we need this and this and this, which they have said in the past.”

Eastern District Commissioner Bill Farnham said something must be done.

“Did he scare you to death with some numbers to repair or replace either way?” Farnham asked. “We can’t very well have a courthouse without an elevator.”

Linnenbringer said the elevator is running now, but will periodically cause problems.

“What’s happening is on the second floor there is a closer fit there and there is not enough juice to open or close the door all the way,” Linnenbringer said. “It’s sort of hit-and-miss; it doesn’t do it all the time.”

Farnham said it didn’t make sense that the elevator would be 40 years old.

“I wonder if there are any of those guys who were on the original board you could call and see if they remember,” Farnham said. “I couldn’t see them buying a 20-year-old elevator and putting it in a new building.”

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