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Hamas repels Israelis by declaring unconditional surrender!
Hamas repels Israelis by declaring unconditional surrender!

Dave Weinbaum
Thus far I’ve avoided commenting on the most recent war in the land of the Jews: Israel. You read me right, Israel is unabashedly and unashamed the land of the Hebrews, the Jewish State, protector of the “Chosen Ones," the land Moses was promised by The L-rd, home of Jewish kings, and Jesus' birth and crucifixion.

For those from Branson, the Jewish state of Israel was re-established by an overwhelming vote of 33 to 13 almost 61 years ago in the United Nations. longside Israel was to be an independent Arab state where one had never existed. Immediately, seven Arab states invaded Israel, thus rejecting the UN’s mandate.

Israel won the war.

Yet the Arab/Muslim world has maintained its crazed Jew killing spree.

Israel is a land of many limbs. Each time they reach out to Palestinians in peace, their arms are sliced off Israel left Gaza in 2005, a territory they legitimately won in the Six Day War. Intending to show good will, they left without negotiations. The Palestinians didn’t give one concession.

Some would say Israel’s Gaza departure was an act of morality. Others, like me, would say it was done with amazing naiveté, showing obliviousness to history.


Hamas ran to these forward positions. Along with launchers hidden in civilian centers, private homes, schools, hospitals, and mosques, they bombarded Israeli civilians with their newly improved Iranian manufactured missiles.

Since the retreat from Gaza 7,000 missiles have been fired at the southern part of Israel by Hamas. Most have gone unanswered until three weeks ago.

News Flash: As I write this - at 11:10 a.m. - a Fox News Alert has declared Hamas has agreed to an unconditional “ceasefire.”

Take THAT Jimmy Carter, Pat Buchanan, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Europe, al-Qaeda, and George Soros.

Kudos goes to the magnificent Israeli armed forces, picking off terrorist monsters while avoiding killing the children and civilians they hide behind. Maybe the Israeli government will get this one right and set up a peace that will rid the Palestinians of the scourge of Hamas.

Not surprising, help also came from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan and Hezbollah. Their criticism of Israel was a whisper or they made stunning statements blaming Hamas for the war.

Uh-oh! Another news flash: In an extreme act of multiple redundancies, Osama bin Laden has declared yet another Jihad against Israel and all the Arab states that “sided” with her. Who whudda thunk?

Osama is on a fundraising mission. What’s next, an oldie but goody Jihad infomercial?

Bin Laden, “You remember those oldies but goodies ... tunes from when you married your first four wives:

The Magical Murderer’s Tour, by Freddie and the Falafel Four,
C’mon Baby Light my Rockets, sung by the Honor Killing Brothers,
And who can forget The Big Oven Polka featuring Achmed and the three Baker Mullahs?

Buy now and we’ll throw in a dozen virgins ... while you’re still alive!”

At least now we know how much Bush has strapped the al-Qaeda thugs for cash.

Jews aren’t a race, they’re a marathon

Can we build on this as the first plank on the thousands of shipwrecked “peace initiatives” that started with the Palestinian offer of, “We will kill every Jewish man, woman, and child, and take over that spittoon of a country you call Israel?”

If Israel were to negotiate, what would they counteroffer? “Okay, we’ll give you half of Israel if you promise to murder only half of its Jews (three million)."

Peace cannot emanate from this. If that labels me a pessimist, so be it. The two good things about pessimism are if you’re right, you don’t have to have the stress of surprise, and if you’re wrong, you’re surprised…but in a good way.

C’mon Palestinians, surprise me. Kick the nuts to the curb. Make Israel an offer they shouldn’t refuse.

It worked for Egypt and Jordan.

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