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Antenna issue annoys county
PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. (April 12, 2010) — County Commissioners weren’t happy Monday after reading a report in the Pulaski County Daily News about actions at the previous week’s meeting of the Pulaski County 911 Board.

That article reported that during the 911 Board’s April 8 meeting, 911 Director Michelle Graves said she’s heard nothing more from Pulaski County Commissioner Don McCulloch about a proposal to move county radio transmission antennas such as those used by the sheriff’s department to the county tower and away from a rented tower owned by a private company. “I briefed you earlier that Commissioner McCulloch had called me about the antennas. I hadn’t heard anything else so I’m just not going to keep bringing that up at every meeting,” Graves said during the 911 Board meeting. “There’s no reason unless I hear something from them. It’s a moot point unless I hear something from them.”

McCulloch said Monday he wasn’t happy with that statement, but said he wanted to avoid misunderstandings.

“How many times do you have to ask for it?” McCulloch said. “Maybe we ought to call her and find out what she meant. I’ve learned sometimes you say things and they don’t come out the way you meant them to.”

Eastern District Commissioner Bill Farnham agreed.

“I’m not trying to start something, but we’re not asking for a big thing. All we want to do is save money,” Farnham said.

McCulloch, who is a former chairman of the 911 Board, said he doesn’t understand the problem.

“She could just ask the board if we could use their tower,” McCulloch said.

“That would be too easy,” said Western District Commissioner Ricky Zweerink.

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