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Waynesville varsity tennis scores two versus four matches for Osage
WAYNESVILLE, Mo. (April 19, 2010) — In singles tennis play Monday, Waynesville won two matches and lost four matches.

The first three matches all ended in defeat for Waynesville.

Will Gross, the top-ranked player for Osage, defeated Robert Wages 10 to 0 in match one. In match two Jake Hader, the second-ranked member of the Osage team, defeated Jordan Elsbury 10 to 0. In match three, Dylan Kay the third-ranked player for Osage, defeated Austin Schell 10 to 6.

Waynesville gained its first win in the fourth match when Taylor Galbraith, Waynesville's fourth-ranked player, defeated Evan Henningson 10 to 4. Tony Gonzalez, the fifth-ranked player for Waynesville, defeated Darren Rucker 10 to 0.

Austin Garton closed out the singles series with a win for Osage. As the sixth-ranked Osage player, he defeated Zach Kahl 3 to 10.

In doubles play Robert Wages and Jordan Elsbury were defeated by Jake Hader and Evan Hennington 10 to 1. Taylor Galbraith and Austin Schell were defeated by Will Gross and Dylan Kay 10 to 5. Tony Gonzalez and John Thompson won 10 to 5 against Austin Garton and Darren Rucker.

“It felt good to win convincingly,” Galbraith said. “It feels rewarding to earn fourth rank on team in first year.”

Galbraith has high hopes for his future performance.

“I joined the team because it looked fun and I could see myself playing well,” he said. “I want to get better as the season progresses but to earn third rank would be a great reward for my hard work.”

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