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One-Line Philosopher: Top 10 thoughts of the week
10. A politician is a con-man that convinces ordinary people of his honesty.

9. I auditioned for the drums in high school, but they found out I was a deadbeat.

8. When in despair, begin to repair.

7. How do pigeons revolt? They have a coo.

6. I knew a quarterback that was so unlucky that when they went to bury him, he was sacked.

5. Sometimes the best way to catch a woman is to run away from her.

4. I tried to sell my body parts but had to wait five hours in line behind the tooth fairy.

3. The worst kind of war is the one you don't know you're in.

2. I pay bills like a poker player. Every month I'm all in ... then I fold.

1. The true test of freedom is speaking your mind without having to mind your speech.

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