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Some surveys of people’s favorite businesses allow people to vote many times, which allows businesses to submit many votes for themselves. We don’t want that. While we retain internet IP addresses to hinder people from submitting large numbers of surveys they filled out themselves, all information will remain confidential and we will not release any identifying information to anyone. And e-mail this link to as many people as you like, if they’re connected to Fort Leonard Wood or the surrounding civilian community. Whether it’s the best businesses, prettiest people, favorite foods, or most-used news sources in the Fort Leonard Wood and Pulaski County area, we want your opinions. The survey opened in mid-July and will remain open until Aug. 25. Results will be announced on the last week of August.

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You’ll only be able to take the survey once and won’t be able to go back to see prior answers once you’re done, but we’ll keep you updated from time to time on particularly hot topics of how the survey is going until it closes.

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You may wonder why we ask certain questions such as your age, your income, or the community in which you live. All of these demographic questions are optional, and while we’d love to hear your answers, answers are not required. Demographic information helps us understand our readers better, and how businesses can best serve you. For example, some restaurants may not even show up in the top-10 list of restaurants countywide, but may be the most popular local restaurants in some of the smaller towns of our county. Also, you may want to know why we ask your military status — we want to show national companies what a large military-related population is present in and around Fort Leonard Wood, including active duty military personnel, civilian DOD workers, contract employees, retirees, and part-time members of the National Guard and the Reserves, but the question is optional. For deployed troops, if you’re from this area or regularly keep up with local news but prefer not to specify where you’re deployed for OPSEC or other reasons, please leave that question blank or specify “deployed-other.”

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