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Hot dog diplomacy while the banned march on
Hot dog diplomacy while the banned march on

Dave Weinbaum
We’re watching the spectacle of a once proud institution lie on its back, paws in the air, panting for a petting or any sign of approval.

More on ABC later ...

It pains most Americans to see the incredible display of ignorance and arrogance our president has represented us with in regard to sworn enemies of the USA, Christians, Jews and moderate Muslims. The latest episode of our apologizer-in-chief is over the crooked elections in Iran.

The mullahs have taken the president for a naïve coward. After all, these are the brave religious icons that have the chutzpah to tell others to hurl their bomb-vested babies into civilian buses.

Currently these fanatical mullahs are ordering Iranian thugs to maul, maim and murder men, women and children demonstrating against the crooked elections.

Today the mullahs and their own little Hitler impersonator, Ah’mad, demanded an apology from Obama. Many of us wish Barack had earned their animosity with a crisp defense of freedom and liberty of Iranians in general and Muslim women in particular.

In case you’re from Doomore, there are 35 million females in Iran, most of whom are fed up with the crackdown imposed on them by the 30-year re-imposition of Sharia Law. Eighteen-year-old Muslim beauty Neda Soltan was shot in the chest the other day in Tehran and her bloody death was viewed by the entire world, and is still being watched in cyber space. She is a rallying cry for freedom for all Iranians and Muslim women in particular.

It’s ironic to note that the president who allowed the same mullahs, Ah’mad and his opponent Mousavi to overrun the American Embassy in Tehran and kidnap its personnel was another Appeaser-in-Chief, Jimmy Carter. Possibly Obama is trying to grapple away the “Worst President Ever” award from his mentor.

President Obama’s reticence to oppose the slaughter in Iran has been as successful as his bailout BS. When IS he going to stop digging the hole?

No Hotdogs for you! ONE WEEK!
It took Major Garrett from that evil cable network, Fox News, to put Obama on his heels.

He had the temerity to ask the president why it took so long to show angst in the face of the slaughter going on in Iran. The president fumbled the answer.

Sure, now that the bodies are piling up and the mullahs have cut contact to the outside world, Obama is raising indignant shock at the display. Sorry, Mr. President, but the mullahs have left the mosque.

Garrett’s second question was the coup de gras. He queried Obama if the invitations to the representatives of Iran’s tyrants to US Embassy barbeques on the Fourth were still on. Of all dates to invite a tyrant to throw a few back and munch on some meaty dogs and watch fireworks, President Obama picked our celebration of independence from the oppression of the British Empire.

Apparently, the invites to the protester representatives got lost in the mail.

Yesterday, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said those invitations will no longer be extended. So if Achmed the Tyrant has received his invitation already my guess is its party on Garth!

Mr. President, as long as you’re still going to be in office for the next three years, can I respectfully give some advice?

No more easy lay-ups for Islamofacists!

How many years did you spend on the South Side? Ever hear of “Street Cred?”

Man up! Be a pit bull, not a poodle. Pretend you’re with the Bulls in the NBA playoffs. You’re told you have to get your “D” up or be benched.

The coaches aren’t in the mosques of the Middle East. They’re right here in America and they have the power to move you back to the “Bush League.”

We call them “voters.”

*A note to President Obama: While it was fun listening to you repeat my theme and title from last week’s column at last Friday’s correspondent’s dinner, you could have at least mentioned my name. Do the words “Leave it to Uigher” mean anything to you? Hope you didn’t get that from Biden. By my count, that would be two strikes against him.

(Dave Weinbaum is a regular contributor of one-liners and commentaries to many regional and national publications and web sites, including the Reader's Digest, National Enquirer and Forbes and is a regular pundit for the www.jewishworldreview.com. Readers can reach Dave at dwquote@prodigy.net or his website, www.daveweinbaum.com. Listen to the Dave Weinbaum Radio Talk show on KTTR 99.7 FM and 1490 AM on Friday mornings starting at 9:05.)

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