Four more candidates file for city, fire, ambulance posts

Darrell Todd Maurina

CORRECTION APPENDED: Incorrect ward numbers were listed for Richland aldermen and for the Crocker subdistrict of the Pulaski County Ambulance District.

PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. (Dec. 23, 2008) — Four more candidates filed this week for positions on area city councils, ambulance districts, and fire districts.

The only non-incumbent candidate to file was Ronnie Layman, who is filing for the three-year term on Crocker Subdistrict 6 of the Pulaski County Ambulance District board currently held by Larry Salveter, who has not yet filed for re-election. Ambulance Board member Cindy Walters of the Waynesville Subdistrict is also up for election but hasn’t yet turned in her nomination papers.

Richland Ward III Alderman Tim Bailey and St. Robert Ward II Alderman Gene Newkirk both turned in their candidacy papers Tuesday, according to the city clerks of those cities.

St. Robert Mayor George Sanders and Ward IV Alderman Bill Shaw previously turned in candidacy papers for re-election to their seats; so far, Ward I Alderman Theresa Cook and Ward III Alderman Allan Johannsen have not yet filed in St. Robert for re-election to their two-year terms.

Bailey joins Richland Mayor Bob Wall, mayoral challenger Kimi Gerred, and Municipal Judge Rodney Blanchard in filing for Richland seats. So far, neither Ward II Alderman Mac Myers nor Ward I Alderman Eldon Haun have filed for re-election to their seats on the Richland City Council.

The first candidate to turn in papers for the Dixon Rural Fire Protection District was incumbent board member Les Clark, who filed on Tuesday. Board officials said two board seats are up for election; the candidate who receives the most votes will serve a six-year term and the candidate receiving the second-highest number of votes will serve a three-year term.

Positions are open for all five city councils in Pulaski County, for the municipal judge of Dixon and Richland, and for the mayors of Crocker, Richland and Dixon but not the mayor of Waynesville. At least two and sometimes three seats are up for all six school boards in Pulaski County. Both the Dixon Ambulance District and Pulaski County Ambulance District have races this year, as do the Crocker Rural Fire Protection District and Dixon Rural Fire Protection District.

Filing began last week and continues until Jan. 20, though many school districts close their offices during the Christmas holiday season. Candidates do not file at the county courthouse and should file with their city clerk, at their school board office, or at their ambulance district office. Since the Dixon and Crocker fire districts don't have full-time office staff, candidates can file at the Crocker City Hall or at the Dixon office of Bassett Realty.

The complete list to date of candidate filings for school and city offices is as follows, along with special districts:

Crocker City Council: (all 2 year terms unless specified)
Mayor (2-year term): Jim Morgan (filed 12/16)
Ward I (2-year term): Jim Patton (not yet filed)
Ward I (1 year unexpired term): Jeff Curry (not yet filed)
Ward II (2-year term): Kim Skaggs-Henson (not yet filed)

Dixon City Council: (all two-year terms)
Mayor: Darrell French (not yet filed)
Judge: Evan Shackleford (not yet filed)
Ward I: Vienna Tyson (filed 12/18)
Ward II: Steven Parker (not yet filed)
Ward III: John Sheppard (not yet filed)

Richland City Council: (all 2 year terms)
Mayor: Bob Wall (filed 12/16), Challenger Kimi Gerred (filed 12/19)
Judge: Rodney Blanchard (filed 12/16)
Ward I: Eldon Haun (not yet filed)
Ward II Mac Myers (not yet filed)
Ward III: Tim Bailey (filed 12/23)

St. Robert City Council (all 2 year terms)
Mayor: George Sanders (filed 12/17)
Ward I: Theresa Cook (not yet filed)
Ward II: Gene Newkirk (filed 12/23)
Ward III: Allan Johannsen (not yet filed)
Ward IV: Bill Shaw (filed 12/18)

Waynesville City Council: (all 2 year terms unless specified)
Ward I: Diana Stanford (filed 12/16)
Ward II: Adele Nickels (not yet filed)
Ward III: Luge Hardman (filed 12/16)
Ward IV: Mike France (filed 12/16)
Ward IV (unexpired): Butch O’Riley (filed 12/18)

Crocker R-II School Board (3 year terms):
Incumbents: Charles Worstell (filed 12/16), Jeff Curry (filed 12/17)

Dixon R-I School Board (3 year terms):
Incumbents: Troy Porter (filed 12/16), Craig Rivera (filed 12/16)

Laquey R-V School Board (3 year terms):
Incumbents: Mary Cristoffer (filed 12/16), Mary Ann Miller (not yet filed)
Challengers: Larry Southard (filed 12/16), Fanny Gan (filed 12/18)

Plato R-V School Board (3 year terms):
Incumbents: Mike Friend (not yet filed), Penny Morrison (not yet filed)
Incumbent (2 year term): Pete Scurlock (not yet filed)

Richland R-IV School Board (3 year terms):
Incumbents: Troy Posten (not yet filed), Jo-Ellen Ferguson (not yet filed)
Challenger: Brenda Mathes (filed 12/17)

Swedeborg R-III School Board (3 year terms):
Incumbents: Wayne King (filed 12/16), Jamie Alexander (not yet filed)
Incumbent (1 year term): Alexis Roam (not yet filed)

Waynesville R-VI School District (3 year terms):
Incumbents: Randy Walters (filed 12/16), David Tritten (not yet filed)
Challengers: Leroy Fulmer (filed 12/16), Herman Blau (filed 12/16), Melvin Hensley (filed 12/16)

Crocker Rural Fire Protection District (3 year terms):
Incumbents: Robert Ishmael (filed 12/16), David Ellzey (will not file)
Challengers: Jeff Porter (filed 12/17)

Dixon Rural Fire Protection District (6 and 3-year terms):
Incumbent: Les Clark (filed 12/23)

Pulaski County Ambulance District (3-year terms)
Waynesville Subdistrict 3: Cindy Walters (not yet filed)
Crocker Subdistrict 6: Larry Salveter (incumbent, not yet filed), Ronnie Layman (challenger, filed 12/23)

Dixon Ambulance District (3-year terms)
Subdistrict 1: Dennis Lachowicz (not yet filed)
Subdistrict 4: Art Forshey (not yet filed)

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