County considers historical display, TIF commissions, other budget plans

Darrell Todd Maurina

PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. (Jan. 16, 2009) — While much of Thursday’s Pulaski County Commission meeting focused on law enforcement, the commissioners did discuss other matters as well.

Monday is Martin Luther King Day and the courthouse will be closed, so the commissioners agreed to meet next week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to deal with budget matters related to the general fund.

“I don’t want any speeches about road graders, but anybody who wants to make any comments on budgetary items should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday, that’s my opinion,” Ransdall said.

“I guess if there is a citizen out in the county who wants to make a big donation to the county, we can accept,” said Commissioner Bill Farnham.

Responding to questions from Ransdall, County Clerk Diana Linnenbringer said she has money available for a recount or a special election if needed. Former Sheriff J.T. Roberts, who lost the November 2008 general election by a narrow 38-vote margin to Sheriff J.B. King, has filed legal documents claiming irregularities in the election asking the circuit court to order both a recount and a new election.

Linnenbringer also reported that the Smithsonian Museum is offering a grant for displays on the history of music and asked if Pulaski County would be interested in having a display in the courthouse.

“I don’t have a problem with it as long as it is not interruptive of regular activities,” Ransdall said.

However, Ransdall suggested a better place might be the second-floor courtroom of the old courthouse if handicapped accessibility issues can be resolved. The old courthouse has no elevator and the only access to the courtroom is by stairs.

County commissioners also agreed to offer appointments for upcoming meetings of municipal tax increment financing commissions to Tom Lynch and Dick Pennington if they are interested.

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