Alan Clark hired as St. Robert's new city administrator

Darrell Todd Maurina

ST. ROBERT, Mo. (March 2, 2009) - Just one business day after the retirement of St. Robert City Administrator Norman Herren, the aldermen voted Monday night by a 5 to 3 margin to promote Alan Clark to the position.

Clark, who is currently the St. Robert land use administrator, will retain that role. He said he'll be resigning from his current position as a Ward II councilman for the city of Waynesville.

Mayor George Sanders said city rules allow him to appoint numerous department heads with ratification by the city council. Due to the significance of the vacancy, Sanders said he appointed a three-member committee of the city council to assist with making a recommendation, and also consulted with five senior city staff members and other employees. Two candidates were considered, and the committee concurred with Sanders' recommendation that Clark be appointed.

Aldermen voting for Clark were Gene Newkirk, Alan Johannsen, Todd Williams and Bill Shaw, and William Urena. Aldermen voting "no" were Theresa Cook, Ralph Cook and Ed Spotts.

Reasons for voting agaisnt Clark weren't publicly stated.

A second candidate was considered but the name was not announced.

Additional coverage of Clark's appointment, along with an interview, will be posted later tonight.

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